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Introducing the 2017 Quintessential Guide to E-Commerce Platforms

An  exclusive report on the leading e-commerce platform technology  companies — pricing, newest features, and other vital intelligence  e-retailers want and online shoppers demand.

Retailers  know that choosing the right e-commerce platform is the most important  determinant of success online and that failing to keep pace with  fast-changing platform technology is a sure path to failure. In Internet  Retailer’s just-published Quintessential Guide to E-Commerce Platforms,  you’ll learn which platforms top web merchants are using currently,  what type of systems fully 40% of e-retailers now desire, and when and  why they plan on making a move.

What you get:

• In-depth analysis article on current trends in platform technology
• Exclusive survey results of e-retailers’ platform spending plans

• 5 must-have features for a competitive e-commerce platform

• Tips on how to vet your next platform provider

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