How Smart Retailers Use Data to Grow Profitably
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In today’s hyper-competitive retail environment, data-driven decisions power retail’s top performers.

Until recently, game-changing data analysis was beyond the reach of most mid-market merchants – the tools and analysts were too expensive.

Today, cloud-based solutions have leveled the analytics playing field. Robust yet simple analytics tools, deliver valuable insights. Solutions like Pulse Commerce’s let you drill down into real-time data at the sku, store, channel, promotion, and discount level. No data scientist required.

How can you up your data game to accelerate profitable growth? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What are the essential reports and KPIs you should routinely track and improve?
  • What KPIs should you drill into for meaningful insight? (e.g. vendor-level returns)
  • Examples of critical decisions you can make more effectively with data-driven insights.
  • Case Study – How a women’s active wear retailer increased profits with data and analytics.

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Manish Chowdhary

CEO, Pulse Commerce

Jim Nekola

Director of Merchandising and Sales