The Experts Guide: Unified Commerce Vs Separate Systems [Whitepaper]

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Looking to replatform?

Multichannel merchants are in a continuous battle to deliver stellar and consistent experiences across all sales channels – stores, online, mail order, telephone and more. 

Choosing the wrong platform to deliver amazing omnichannel experiences can be disastrous. Our white paper covers 3 different technology approaches and their pros and cons to delivering superior, consistent service across sales and service channels:

  • Unified Commerce Suite: A software platform that integrates all different functional areas of business into one standard platform
  • Separate Systems: A combination of best-of breed solutions, in which each point solution is an individual component that specializes in one area of business
  • Hybrid Approach: Adding middleware to unify existing separate systems

Download our free whitepaper to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each approach for your business.

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